Occupational Safety

To be recognised by the company as a professional, effective and efficient department by innovating and building up the prevention and environmental management system and involving it at all levels of the organisation, depending on the participation of employees to achieve constant improvement.

To design, implement and supervise the risk prevention and environmental system affecting the whole company, in accordance with current legislation and company policy, to guarantee and assure proper industrial health and safety conditions and care and protection for the environment.

Kern Pharma, S.L. has its own risk prevention service, part of the safety and environment department, staffed by two senior experts in occupational risk prevention. This service is in charge of the specialist area of industrial health and safety. It also coordinates the specialist areas of ergonomics, psychosociology and health protection which are monitored through an outside service.

This risk prevention service lays down specific safety standards for each area of the factory, depending on the jobs to be done in these areas and the products handled there.