Social action

As part of its solidarity commitment to society, Kern Pharma works with NGOs, associations, public bodies, academic institutions and not-for-profit organisations working in Spain and abroad.


In 2018 Kern Pharma donated 500,000 doses of azithromycin to contribute to the eradication of yaws as part of the ISGlobal project, headed by Spanish doctor Oriol Mitjà. The aim is to discover how many doses of mass drug treatment are needed to eradicate this condition, one of the so-called “forgotten diseases” that affects children in particular, causing skin ulcers and severe bone deformities.  Kern Pharma's donation has already arrived in Papua New Guinea where 50,000 people, mostly children, have started treatment.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS

Kern Pharma has been a ‘Future Builder’ of the Business Platform of Aldeas Infantiles SOS since 2008. During this time, the pharmaceutical company has launched several different campaigns to raise funds for the Agadir village. It has also joined the 'Becas comedor' [Food subsidy] programme, rounding down the salaries of Indukern Group employees who voluntarily agreed to participate in the scheme. te.


During 2019, Kern Pharma will maintain its collaboration agreement with the Josep Carreras Leukaemia Foundation. The laboratory has been supporting the foundation's Business Plan as a “VIP Partner” since 2017. In addition, since 2018, Kern Pharma employees have also helped the foundation by donating the remaining cents of their paycheck after it is rounded down to the nearest euro. The company then doubles the amount raised by the employees. This year over €6,000 was collected and donated to the “Unstoppable Cells Factory” project. 


In 2018, Kern Pharma and Fundación Juegaterapia launched two charitable initiatives to improve the experience of children admitted to Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid and La Fe hospital in Valencia.

At Gregorio Marañón, the Pain Unit was transformed into the “Colour Unit”, a specially decorated area where children can feel calm and happy while undergoing treatment. The space has been planned with children in mind; it is happy, modern and bright, the ceiling has been turned into a sky with clouds and the room is equipped with virtual reality technology. The project was entirely funded by Kern Pharma. 

At La Fe, Kern Pharma backed the “My Hospital Garden” project, an initiative that converts hospital rooftops into colourful gardens where sick children can escape and enjoy themselves during their time in hospital.

Federación Española de Baloncesto (FEB)

In 2015, the company signed a partnership agreement with the Federación Española de Baloncesto (FEB) to work on various social projects in Spain and internationally. The main project is Casa España, an initiative that provides an educational, healthcare and sports programme for children in Dakar (Senegal). Kern Pharma will also be working on other FEB programmes in Spain that use sport as an instrument for integration, such as +QBasquet Salud, which focuses on senior citizens, and +QBasquet para Todos, which sets out to integrate people with disabilities.


Since 2016, Kern Pharma has been collaborating with Farmamundi by donating to its Humanitarian and Emergency Aid Fund (FAHE), which is earmarked for immediate action to be taken in natural disasters, armed conflicts and chronic public health situations. Kern Pharma also donates pharmaceutical products to meet current needs on the ground and these are then distributed by Farmamundi’s Logistics and Humanitarian Division to the hospitals, medical dispensaries and mother and baby clinics that need them most.

This cooperation only serves to strengthen the company’s commitment to make medication accessible to the people that need it the most, a goal that is founded on the company’s very raison d’être: to care for people’s health and quality of life.


Within the company, there are different corporate volunteering actions with the FEBTheodora Foundation and Prodis. The employees also collaborate in "Posem-li pebrots al càncer" of Oncolliga, an action in which they help in the sale of solidarity peppers to raise funds for people with cancer and their families. In addition, there is a Corporate Volunteering Commission, which employees can sign up and collaborate in the decision making of Kern Pharma in matters of social responsibility.

Theodora Foundation

The company has also collaborated with the Theodora Foundation during the course of 2016 and 2017, on the celebrations for its anniversary. In addition, it has donated funds that paid for a whole week’s work of the ‘Smile Doctors’, who are employed by the Theodora Foundation, bringing play and improvisation to more than 500 children and adolescents in hospital.